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Canal 33 Announces the Issuance of Key US Patent for Expandable Blade Device for Stabilizing Long Bone Fractures 

By March 5, 2019March 11th, 2019Business

S AN CLAMENTE, Calif. – May xx, 2016 – Canal 33, an innovative medical device company addressing chronic spinal pain conditions through the development of leading-edge technologies, announces the issuance of a US patent covering the use of an expandable blade device for stabilizing long bone fractures to be used for delivering chronic spinal cord pain relief.

US Patent US8157804B2 (issued 4/17/2012) serves to protect the present invention, which relates generally to medical devices and medical methods, in particular, devices and methods useful for stabilizing fractures of long bones.

The treatment of long bone fractures typically involves the open reduction and internal fixation of the fracture using complex plate and screw systems, or the insertion of precisely tailored intramedullary metal rods. Such systems require an open incision and placement of metal hardware that must be specifically scaled to the size of the bone and type of fracture. The inventory of orthopedic hardware devices a given hospital must keep available is large, with a high associated cost of storage and close monitoring of availability, so as not be found lacking at the time of surgery. Moreover, in many patients with osteoporosis the weakened bone cannot support the internal fixation screws placed for open reduction with the plate and screw system. There is a significant risk of the screws to pull free from the osteoporotic bone with loss of the fracture reduction.

The methods of the present invention may be used to stabilize fractures of long bones and other hollow bones. In some embodiments, a device is used to perform an internal osteotomy of the intramedullary trabecular bone without completely reaming the marrow cavity. In one implementation, a method includes the steps of accessing the marrow cavity of a long bone; inserting a device into the marrow cavity, where the device has a variable diameter cutting element; reducing the volume of trabecular bone within the marrow cavity; instilling a biological binding material into the marrow cavity of the long bone, where the amount of the biological binding material instilled is sufficient to add stability to the long bone.

ABOUT THE COMPANY: Canal 33 is a medial device company headquartered in San Clemente, California focused on developing technologies capable of delivering chronic spinal cord pain relief. The company is focused on introducing and commercializing medical devices for minimal invasive vertebral augmentation, as well as an innovative new line of radio frequency catheters capable of sending energy directly to the patient’s spinal nerves, without risking permanently damaging the nerves located in the treatment region.


This press release may contain forward-looking statements, including Canal 33’s development medical devices for treating chronic spinal pain. Each of these statements may involve risks and uncertainties. Actual results may differ materially from those, expressed or implied.

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