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In one elegantly designed device, Canal 33 has blended the capabilities of an SCS, RF Ablation, Neuro Stimulation mapping and Epidural injection capabilities to administer superior care to patients. The Betts catheter is universally adaptable to a variety of industry standard RF generators and breaks new ground in chronic pain treatment protocols by providing physicians with significantly more options than ever before. The Betts RF Spine Catheter administers RF treatment directly to the spinal cord, the most efficacious method in treating spine pain.

We also carry a 9-volt catheter version of the Betts RF Spine Catheter that enables the physician to place the catheter in the patient epidural space to stimulate the nerve and maximize accuracy in diagnosis of pain points.┬áCanal 33 introduces a more accurate, safer and cost effective solution capable of helping physicians better locate the pain source, get the injection right the first time, and consequently avoids costs of multiple injections. Through this solution, patient’s face less discomfort and the possibility of replacing many of the steroid injections currently performed is now within reach.

Key Fact #1
Spine pain will be present in 85% of people some time in their lives.

Key Fact #2
4 Million spine injections are performed annually in the US annually.

Key Fact #3
50% of all spine injection procedures in the US are reported as failures.

Disposable Device

Our devices are single use only, eliminating sterilization costs and speeding up the process of caring for patients.

Steerable Catheter

Our catheters can be steered and come equipped with an angled tip for faster and smoother access to the DRG.

Single Electrode Design

Are catheters are equipped with advanced single electrodes capable of administering high Frequency neuromodulation to patients.

Unique Sprinkler Head Design

After steering our catheters, physicians have the option of using an injectable port capable of injecting meds into patients.